Beige Newfie Bears
About Us

My name is Sophia Pirgents and along with my husband Konstantinos Melas have started breeding Newfoundland since 2011.

My love for the breed however has started long before. The first time I saw the breed was in a morphology exhibition which took place in Greece in 1995 and I acquired my first Newfie ( newfoundland ) in the year 2000 who’s name was Ouda from the Greek word ‘arkOuda’ meaning bear.

Ouda was a childhood dream of mine come true, a sweet and easy going dog which is a characteristic of the breed. We were together always and everywhere for 12.5 years.

In 2008 Netha came from Italy. Besides the fact that she is a perfect specimen of the breed (Grand Greek Champion) she is the pack leader, but is still as sweet as can be and she laughs for us!

After two years around the time we had our first daughter we had another addition to our family – the giant Fedra from distant Argentina. The reason we brought her in from Argentina is because of her unusual colour.

In 2011 Netha gave birth to Luna which is also a good example of the breed and has already won (JChampion) but most of all she wins people over with her energy and temperament.

Up until now we only had bitches so eventually came the time to add a male to the pack! After long consideration in 2013 we chose Ian from a breeder with 30 years of experience with breeding Newfies and we have high expectations from him!

We have Pouf nicknamed “Poufaki” meaning fluffy, since 2009. She is a Newfie which has come from poor breeding, a strange dog which has her ups and downs; she doesn’t let anything past her though, she even notices mosquitoes!

We started thinking about breeding Newfies and this became a reality. We want to showcase an example of responsible breeding in Greece, without jeopardizing the dogs’ health or characteristics.

Konstantinos Melas

Sophia Pirgents